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Ivo Trajkov

Country: Czech Republic / North Macedonia

Ivo Trajkov is a director, producer and screenwriter. He was born in Skopje, Macedonia and graduated from FAMU in Prague. Upon graduation he decided to stay in Prague and start his career in the Czech Republic. His filmography as a director/screenwriter includes 5 feature-length films for which he received numerous awards. He works in a wide range of genres: comedy, docudrama, experimental films, and historic drama. As a producer Ivo Trajkov was involved in more than 60 episodes of a critically acclaimed documentary series Unexplained Deaths. In 2015 he directed co-production drama Honey Night (MK-CZ-SL), a Macedonia's nominee for the best foreign-language film for Academy Awards. Ivo Trajkov is the head of the editing department of FAMU.

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