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My name is Lily

Original title: My name is Lily
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022

Lily announces to her business partner and admirer, Alex, that she wants to adopt, revealing she was born intersex. Rather than the rejection she had feared, he supports her. But, while acquiring a medical report, she meets little Ori, who is intersex and about to have Their genitals “fixed“ without consent, just like she had. When Ori asks for help, Lily is torn - but Ori makes the decision for her, by sneaking into her car. Lily decides to hide Ori until the scheduled surgery time expires, resorting to seeking help from her parents, whom she has yet to forgive for interfering with her gender. The family conflict escalates when Ori is declared missing on TV, and the two flee. Their last chance is to make a livestream video, shedding light on the plight of being intersex, right before the police arrest Lily. Fearing that Ori will still undergo the surgery, Lily has a final lashing out.

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