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My name is Lily

Original title: My name is Lily
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022

Lily is a Belgian living in Cyprus with a successful managerial career but a very difficult personal life. Born intersex, she still suffers the physical and emotional consequences of a forced surgery to fit gender binary norms.

Anatomically unable to have children, Lily pursues her dream of adopting. The paperwork process leads her back to Belgium and to the familial past she has been avoiding for years.

When she finds out that her niece is also intersex and is being forced to have the same corrective surgery, Lily feels she has no choice but to step in and confront her family to prevent history from being repeated.

As the surgery day approaches, the family conflict escalates, bringing everyone’s individual struggle to the surface, and pushing Lily to run away with her niece to avoid the procedure, risking her own chances of ever adopting and becoming a mother.

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