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My name is Lily

Original title: My name is Lily
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022

Lily has everything she needs: a loving husband and an adopted child, Ori, who is intersex, like herself.  Fed up with being bullied at school for looking non-binary, Ori asks for gender assignment surgery, so they fly from Cyprus to Lily’s homeland.

Watching history repeat itself, Lily’s childhood traumas awaken as she relives the medical consultations - but still she stands by Ori’s decision. When, right before the surgery, Ori has second thoughts, Lily’s relationships with those she loves are put to the test, as they insist the child deserves ‘a normal life’. Lily finds herself questioning her life choices and the understanding of those around her.

Respecting her child’s right to choose, Lily runs away with Ori. Along the journey, mother and child come closer and tap into their own truth. But their return won’t be without consequences.

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