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MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2017 project selection announced

An extraordinary number of 75 projects were submitted, and filmmakers from no less than 32 countries were considered for the 9 slots in MIDPOINT's feature film program.

May 04, 2017 programs

The participants will go through an intensive script and project development program which stretches over 5 months and includes two residential workshops in June and October as well as online consultations and not the least followed by high-end pitching and training awards - see more in the newsletter below.

The 9 projects are:

Alive in Moscow - writer/director Grigore Becket, producer Elie Aufseesser (Switzerland/Moldova)

Asunden - writer/director Petter Ringbom, producer Eliza Jones (Sweden) 

Hawa Hawaii - writer/director Amirah Tajdin, producer Wafa Tajdin (Kenya)

Inventory - writer/director Darko Sinko, producer Vlado Bulajic (Slovenia)

Mnk Boy - writer Sibel Altinbas, director Mete Gümürhan, producer Bas Broertjes (Netherlands/Turkey) 

Night of the Whale - writer/director Kaveh Daneshmand, producer Jordi Niubo (Czech Republic)

Waterwolf - writer/director Ann-Julie Vervaeke, producer Anastassia Oudovitchenko (Belgium)

Zana - writer/director Antoneta Kastrati, producer Casey Johnson (Kosovo)

19 - writer/director Kosara Mitic, producer Kornelija Ristovska (Macedonia) 

'Alive in Moscow' was selected thanks to our partnership with COCO / Connecting Cottbus, and 'Hawa Hawaii' in collaboration with REALNESS - A Screenwriters Residency.  

The members of the selection committee are MIDPOINT Artistic Director Pavel Jech, script writer/script editor and Professor at Chapman University, CA; Slovenian Producer Danijel Hocevar, Program Consultant and Core Tutor on Feature Launch; Alessandro Gropplero from Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund and Head of When East Meets West co-production forum; Inke Van Loocke, Coordinator of CineMart and Rotterdam Lab under IFFR/International Film Festival Rotterdam, and Kristyna Plhonova, Project Manager of MIDPOINT Feature Launch.

The Feature Launch 2017 awards are: 

- MIDPOINT Development Award of 8.000 EUR to 1 selected project

- coco Award within Connecting Cottbus in November 2017 - a pitching opportunity for 4 selected projects called MIDPOINT Selection 2017

- Rotterdam Lab / CineMart - professional training participation for 1 selected producer

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ZANA is a dark and haunting psychological drama about the collision of modern day faith healers and post-war trauma of survivors in Kosovo. Inspired by true events. Riddled by night terrors and ...
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“19” is a film who tells a story about how one unpleasant event can change the destiny of two in a way very different kind of women. Sara (17 years old) is a young girl, teenage full of dreams and ...
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Hawa Hawaii

A Muslim drag queen uses the dying art of Swahili orchestral music & lyrics - Taarab - to mend a deeply fractured relationship with his mother.
MIDPOINT participants: Amirah Tajdin, Wafa Tajdin, Amirah Tajdin
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Man in his fifties is being shot at through the window of his home and since there are no suspects or motives, he starts to search for them by himself, discovering that he is hated by more he could ...
MIDPOINT participants: Darko Sinko, Vlado Bulajic, Darko Sinko
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Alive in Moscow

Damian – from a small village in Moldova who studies medicine, hates physical labor, finds a summer job in Moscow at a hospital where he hopes that he will learn medicine and become a doctor. When he ...
MIDPOINT participants: Grig Becket, Elie Aufseesser, Grig Becket
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How close can you get to someone before you lose yourself? When Lilith and Violaine enter puberty, their girl-to-woman transformation puts their close friendship to the test. West Coast, Belgium. ...
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After an environmental activist goes missing, her long departed sister returns home and finds a Swedish island community torn apart by the fight over limestone mining in the Asunden forest.
MIDPOINT participants: Petter Ringbom, Eliza Jones, Petter Ringbom
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Mnk Boy

Mnk Boy is the story of the 12-year-old Zeki, who, together with his father Mahir, leaves his sober life in the ghettos of Rotterdam behind for a new start in the metropolitan Istanbul. Zeki tries to ...
MIDPOINT participants: Mete Gümürhan, Bas Broertjes, Sibel Altinbas
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Night of the Whale

On a holiday to the sea, an Iranian father, his Czech wife and their young daughter each cope in their own way with the fractiousness that threatens their family: The father turns to space. The ...
MIDPOINT participants: Jordi Niubo, Kaveh Daneshmand
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