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MIDPOINT TV Launch 2017 projects announced!

MIDPOINT TV Launch 2017, a program focused on television series development, recently support by Creative Europe MEDIA program, has just announced its selected projects for the upcoming edition.

October 12, 2016 programs

MIDPOINT TV Launch, a residential program focused on development of miniseries or ongoing, episodic TV series, consists of three workshops. For 2017, the workshops will be taking place in November 4 - 10, 2016 in Slovakia, in April 2017 in Czech Republic and finalize in August 2017 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

MIDPOINT is excited to announce the seven outstanding projects, which were selected for the 2017 edition:

/ 10 Bullets / Greece
Attending: Kostas Gerampinis, Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos

/ American Dream / Slovak Republic
Attending: Zuzana Dzurindova, Peter Nagy, Peter Badac

/ Fractures / Iceland
Attending: Kolbrun Anna Bjornsdottir, Vala Thorsdottir, Eva Sigurdardottir

/ Gamblers / Czech Republic
Attending: Kinga Krzeminska, Viktor Taus

/ The Midnight Shift / Cyprus
Attending: Andreas Kyriacou, Harry Ayiotis, Frixos Masouras

/ Nuts / Croatia
Attending: Marjan Alcevski, Matija Drnikovic

/ THE TRIBE / Poland
Attending: Agata Koschmieder, Malgorzata Biedronska

The 2017 Workshop 1 will be joining the running MIDPOINT TV Launch 2016 session and its Workshop 2 (November 3 - 10, 2016), where three of the 2016 projects will continue with their development:

/ 1989 / Slovak Republic, Poland
Attending: Bogdan Muresanu, Katarina Krnacova, Joanna Szymanska

/ For the Love of Prague / Czech Republic
Attending: Carlos Baer, Edgar Ortiz

/ Hausen / Germany, Bulgaria
Attending: Till Kleinert, Anna Stoeva

At Workshop 2 of the 2016, the first HBO Europe Award will be granted to the Best Project from HBO's original programming territories.

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Historical series about the events of 1989 as seen through and experienced by the employees of Radio Free Europe. In each episode we go to a different country (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, ...
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Anton is in love with Vida. He doesn't know how to approach her. She just wants to focus on her work. He is a psychiatrist and she is a psychologist. Instead of just asking her out like a normal ...
MIDPOINT participants: Sinisa Juricic, Marjan Alcevski
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American Dream

1883 A. D., a small village in the very north of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Pretty young woman Dora, strong man Andrej, clever teenager Mišo and a stoic cow Rysuľa undertake a journey to America. ...
MIDPOINT participants: Peter Badac, Zuzana Dzurindova, Peter Nagy
Project detail


A recently widowed father takes up the longvacant position as building manager in a rundown housing complex. Soon after moving in, his teenage son Juri starts to sense something vicious permeating ...
MIDPOINT participants: Anna Stoeva, Till Kleinert
Project detail

10 Bullets

Athens, present day: a place where financial inequality and social instability prevail. Two homeless people find themselves in the middle of a mafia shootout and steal a gun loaded with ten bullets ...
Project detail


In a tiny rural Icelandic fishing village, Kristin (45) and her daughter, Lilja (15), move in with her parents, as she faces divorce. A pragmatic doctor, Kristin soon finds herself far out of her ...
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The Midnight Shift

A small time criminal is assigned taxi driver duties on the midnight shift. He soon realizes that he is cursed to be a modern version of the ancient Greek mythical figure of the boatman; transporting ...
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Warsaw, 1918. Sonia, the black sheep of her crime family, returns home after the war to say goodbye to her dying mother. When she arrives, she discovers that she is late, her mother has already ...
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