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Original title: Brotin
Participated in: MIDPOINT TV Launch 2017

In a tiny rural Icelandic fishing village, Kristin (45) and her daughter, Lilja (15), move in with her parents, as she faces divorce. A pragmatic doctor, Kristin soon finds herself far out of her comfort zone as she deals with her psychic mother, Johanna (66), forcing her to face the ghosts of her past.

Kristin’s strict scientific worldview doesn’t go down too well with Johanna and Lilja, who start to go behind Kristin’s back, causing both tension and friction in their relationships. Johanna believes that she has the gift of being able to see and communicate with ghosts. This is a big part of her identity, and she feels that she has an obligation to share her gift, while Kristin believes that Johanna’s bipolar condition is the real reason for “the gift”. Kristin has been micromanaging Lilja since her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, becoming her substitute pancreas, so to speak. But Lilja needs to be independent, especially as she’s experiencing love for the first time.

Kristin starts working as the only GP in the village, which has been without a doctor for a long time. The clinic has been “taken over” by the receptionist, Hugrun (47), who uses it for her herbal medicine practice. Nurse Hanna (42) tries to keep the clinic peaceful, while serving as a buffer between Kristin and Hugrun. Hugrun’s mother, who has all but moved into the clinic, is suffering from dementia and Hanna is the victim of domestic abuse, and they’ll need Kristin’s help. Kristin is forced to face her old flame Ragnar (45), the local policeman, who uses every opportunity to let her know that she’s unwanted. But Kristin can’t just walk away this time - their complicated history needs to be revisited; however uncomfortable it may make them.

Kristin’s move to Holmafjord was always meant to be temporary, but through the series Kristin starts to realize that the village needs her as much as she needs it.

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