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Peter Nagy

Profession: Writer
Country: Slovakia

Peter Nagy (*1976) is currently working as a creative producer, mainly for CME Group. He is involved in the production of various television shows, including the 5th season of the dramedy show "Teacher" and the 3rd season of the daily series "Mother for Rent." Additionally, he created the crime show "Ghost" which aired on Czech TV Prima and Slovak TV JOJ. He has also worked as a co-creator, head writer, dramaturg, and writer on numerous other projects. Throughout his career, he has received several awards of variable importance, of which the most notable is the Slovak "Sun in a Net" national award for the best animated film. In 2018, he began collaborating with Zuzana Dzurindová on the show "Winner," which was developed for HBO Europe and produced in 2022. The show will be available on SkyShowtime.

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