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Series Launch 2022 finally in person

The first residential workshop of Series Launch 2022 in the Czech Republic is over. All of the participants have consulted their projects with lectors and development executive trainees in the beautiful town of Breznice.

We´re happy to see that all of them enjoyed the creative process of writing but also benefited from the lectures and groupworks with tutors Gabor Krigler, Katrin Merkel and Tatjana Samopjan.

The next step are online consultations, however, the second residential workshop in Bratislava is coming soon.

May 18, 2022 programs

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The story unfolds over the course of two weeks in the run-up to the eviction of a squat in a run-down Athens neighbourhood. Hard times forced Yanis and Maria to move here from the rich suburbs. A ...
Project detail

A Remarkable Woman

In 1880s France, Marie Bashkirtseff, an ambitious mademoiselle of minor Ukrainian nobility, receives unfortunate news: her lung health is poor, and she will not live a long life. Stunned by this ...
MIDPOINT participants: Cristian Nicolescu, Anastasia Starova
Project detail


In a seemingly idyllic ecovillage, a lack of understanding between adults and kids lead to an experiment where kids are granted equal rights with the adults. Behind the mask of equality, parents ...
Project detail

Gray Divorce

Angelina and Zoran Kovach live a comfortable, quiet and seemingly happy upper-middle-class life. In their late-sixties, both are slowly pulling out of their real estate business, leaving it in the ...
MIDPOINT participants: Ivan Knezevic, Ivan Knezevic, Lea Stankovic
Project detail


At just 37, Maja’s only a step away from startup success. Already 37, Maja still doesn’t have kids. She’s always thought that she wanted children – someday. Her husband, Mikołaj, has always been ...
MIDPOINT participants: Anna Rozalska, Monika Franczak
Project detail


Arion spent his whole life feeling flawed, struggling every day to prove his worthiness as an Albanian immigrant in Italy. When he is dragged at gunpoint to his paternal uncle's funeral, and ...
MIDPOINT participants: Ariens Damsi, Ariens Damsi, Giulio Rizzo
Project detail

Nino and Iliko

Nino & Iliko takes place in Soviet Georgia between 1925 and 1957 and tells the story of two lovers and talented dancers Nino and Iliko who have a dream to start their own dance company in a ...
MIDPOINT participants: Nino Chichua, Maka Kukulava, Uta Beria
Project detail

Other White

The term Other White is a classification of ethnicity in the United Kingdom and has been used in documents such as the 2011 UK Census to describe people who selfidentify as white (chiefly European) ...
Project detail

Splashing Around

Splashing Around is a coming-of-age comedy series aimed at teenagers, following the story of Luna, a responsible fifteen-year-old, who leaves home for the first time for high school in an attempt to ...
Project detail

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