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Other White

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2022

A comedy-drama about the struggles of four young professionals from Eastern Europe chasing dreams, ambitions and love in London.


Every year, thousands of newcomers from Eastern Europe arrive in London hoping for a bright future. Soon they have to learn to live in rough conditions where nobody cares about their dream careers, where a great romance is not always on the menu, and where new immigrant friends seem just as miserable and lonely.

Other White is a half-hour comedy-drama show about how difficult it is to be a young immigrant chasing professional and romantic dreams in contemporary London. It's a series about outsiders who desperately want to be included in a new society but cannot find the way in. 

The term Other White is a classification of ethnicity in the United Kingdom to describe white persons who are not of the English, Welsh, Scottish, Romani or Irish ethnic groupings.

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