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Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2022
Maja 42, pretends to be 36,  a visionary scientist, loses control over her private and professional life and has to learn why other people's health and happiness can't be more important than her own needs. A touching dramedy about womanhood in contemporary Poland.
MAJA ROJ, an overachiever of Polish science and a startup business dreams big of saving the world with her innovations. While being almost constantly on the move, Maya just can’t keep friends around. She engages in casual love affairs, yet no one can access her inner life. 
In the space of a few days, Maja’s world gets shaken to the ground. The main business angel, who has been securing the financial condition of Maja's company for years, puts all the stability at risk while retiring and presenting his completely inexperienced daughter as his replacement. At the same time, doctors inform Maja that she has just entered the stage of early menopause. If she wants to become a mother (or not), it's the last moment for a conscious decision. 
As they say - crisis is the point of true beginning. Maja has to embark on the challenging trip to herself when finding her real-life purpose will mix with the attempts of regaining control and establishing genuine relationships with people she least expected.
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