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Splashing Around

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2022

Splashing Around is a coming-of-age comedy series aimed at teenagers, following the story of Luna, a responsible fifteen-year-old, who leaves home for the first time for high school in an attempt to become a professional swimmer. Upon starting school, she quickly realizes her parents’ relaxed upbringing didn’t adequately prepare her for the realities of high school. To top it off, her immature parents – the very ones she is trying to avoid – go bankrupt, lose both their family house and hostel and move into her student dorm with her. In order to get rid of them and restore the family’s finances, Luna helps her mother get a job as a receptionist at her student dorm, only to find out the job comes with accommodation! It seems Luna moved out of her parents’ house to be alone, only to have them living and working in the dorm themselves. Her only confidants in this mess are her attractive roommate Alex, Žaži, the surprisingly uncompetitive top swimmer in her team, and her boring basketball player boyfriend, Andrej.

To cope with all the changes in her life, Luna draws comic strips in her notebook. Unfortunately for her, certain characters begin to come to life and taunt her in the real world too, voicing her worst fears and unspoken feelings out loud.

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