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Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2022

In a progressive ecovillage, seeking their parents’ attention, the children decide to reform the political system of the community – they demand exactly the same rights as the adults. Assuming that the kids will soon grow tired of the responsibility, the parents agree to conduct this experiment for a month. However, the children start liking the power. Now kids can leave school and go to work, they can vote; they can ban their parents from drinking and smoking, children can finally eat ice-cream all day long and even become prime ministers. As kids manage to bring in a number of positive changes (adults are forced to live their lives in a healthier way, the village becomes more green, parents grant more time to their kids), the children’s demands get more and more radical, though. When the adults make a onesided decision to cut the experiment short, kids perform a coup d'état, proclaiming Childocracy for good. None of the sides is willing to stop, and it’s only when the adults are locked up in their meeting room and police have to arrive, something completely unexpected happens: children and parents engage in… a dialogue.

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