MIDPOINT graduates in the program of KVIFF 2018

June 13, 2018

MIDPOINT is very proud to present two of its graduates’ projects in the program of the 53rd Karlovy Vary IFF.

The festival, which runs June 29 - July 7, 2018, will introduce the film from MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2015 History of Love within the Official Selection - Competition program and the film from MIDPOINT Intensive CZ 2015 Bear With Us in the East of the West - Competition program, both of which are having their World Premiere.

HISTORY OF LOVE / MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2015 
Official Selection - Competition
Writer/Director: Sonja Prosenc
Writer: Mitja Licen
Producer: Rok Secen
Slovenia - Italy - Norway / 2018 / 105 min.

After the death of her mother, Iva discovers she had a secret relationship. This gives her an opportunity to escape from her pain and to choose anger instead. As her idea of family starts to fall apart, she plunges into a world completely different from the one she is used to. But after the initial disappointment and feelings of betrayal, she starts to accept her mother’s past. At this point, Iva’s brother takes on the anger and the revenge, bringing the story to a violent resolution, in which something is sacrificed for the family to reconnect.

/ June 30, 2018 10:30 Congress Hall / Press & Industry screening
/ June 30, 2018 20:00 Grand Hall / Official screening
/ July 1, 2018 13:00 Pupp Cinema / Official screening
/ July 3, 2018 11:30 Drahomíra Cinema / Official screening

East of the West - Competition
Writer/Director: Tomas Pavlicek
Producer: Tomas Michalek
Czech Republic / 2018 / 77 min.

A family has decided to sell their lovely cottage since none of them has visited it for some time. Yet it holds so many nostalgic memories that the mother suggests they all spend one last day there before the sale takes place. This deliberately paced comedy, whose protagonists often remind the viewer of characters from a Jaroslav Papoušek screenplay, takes an agreeably detached view of the Czech phenomenon of weekending in the countryside.

/ July 4, 2018 15:30 Cinema A / Press & Industry screening
/ July 5., 2018 19:00 Pupp Cinema / Official screening
/ July 6, 2018 15:30 Čas Cinema / Official screening
/ July 7, 2018 19:30 Husovka Theatre / Official screening

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