MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2023

Call opens in September 2022

A professional script- and project-development program for creative teams and aspiring script consultants who believe in the importance of teamwork.

NEW: For 2023 edition we slightly change the application process to be able to enhance more feature projects (see below). The call will be open in September 2022.


An exquisite experience

The program targets creative teams with feature films in development & aspiring script consultants coming primarily from Central and Eastern Europe.

For teams of writers, 1st or 2nd time directors and producers

  • move your feature film project to the next level
  • create a financing, marketing, sales, distribution or pitching strategy for your project
  • work with some of the most established European and international creators and professionals who are willing to lay the cards out on the table (good or bad)
  • get unique professional international feedback from our tutors and your peers
  • explore the current film industry landscape and trends
  • pitch it & network at Karlovy Vary IFF

For script-consultant trainees

learn to give constructive feedback
enhance your script editing and communication skills in the creative process
train your presentation skills
become the next generation of script editors
make the next step in your career
pitch yourself & network at Karlovy Vary IFF

What's new

More projects with a chance to get thorough feedback

As the first film & series development platform in Europe, MIDPOINT introduces a multi-stage project selection process into its flagship programs to be able to support more emerging talents.

From all applications, the reading committee will select between 20 and 30 projects, whose creative teams will receive a detailed online assessment from two experienced professionals (script consultant and producer).

Based on this assessment, 9 projects will be selected into Feature Launch 2023 program.

The call will open in September 2022.

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Sona Morgenthalova
Program Coordinator