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Flight from Kabul

Original title: Let z Kábulu
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2023

After a long informal relationship, ZIBAA (30), a filmmaker and the head of the Afghan Film Organization, has accepted the marriage proposal of her boyfriend SAMIR (29). There are two months left for all the preparations before the wedding on August 20. While life goes on in Kabul, the media spreads the news that the other cities are falling into the hands of the Taliban, but people do not want to accept that the Taliban can take Kabul. August 15, 2021, dawns. The Taliban take Kabul. Zibaa and the whole world are shocked. Zibaa's well-known open anti-Taliban activism makes her the number one target. She must make the hardest decision of her life: Staying or leaving. If she stays, she risks being killed, and her brother and his four daughters are in danger. If she leaves, she must separate from Samir, because he does not want to leave his old parents behind. She has less than an hour to decide.

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