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Rudolf Leska

Country: Czech Republic

Dr. Rudolf Leška is partner at a copyright boutique firm ŠTAIDL LEŠKA ADVOKÁTI (PRAHA - BRATISLAVA) licensed in Czechia and Slovakia, representing the film & entertainment industry and advising private clients and public sector with media and copyright related transactions and litigation. In his practice, he takes care for all legal aspects of film production from development up to the distribution. Dr. Leška holds the position of Senior Assistant Professor in copyright and media law at the University of Finance and Administration, Prague and is Associate Research Fellow for the arts & creative industries research at Palacký University Olomouc. He serves as current President of ALAI Czech Republic, a learned society dedicated to the study of copyright. His academic research is focused on film and theatre law, collective management, moral rights and rights of performing artists.

(photo: © Vaclav Jirasek)

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