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Tomas Janacek

Country: Czech Republic

Tomáš Janáček studied Film Studies and Media studies. In 2019 he completed his studies in directing at FAMU. He writes screenplays and occasionally publishes articles on culture. He completed a year-long internship at the Centre for Children's Dramaturgy at Czech Television, participates as a freelancer in the pre-selection of competition films for the IFFKV and worked as an external expert on projects for Czech Television. His student films have participated in several international festivals. With his graduation film The Night of the Agama he won the award for Best Feature Direction at FAMUFEST and was nominated for the Magnesia Award for Best Student Film. He is currently working on his projects The Christmas Film and Nothing Really Happened (both got supported by The Czech Film Fund). With his screenplay for the feature film Polárka he participated in the Script Consulting Incubator. Now he teaches directing at FAMU and also at film oriented high school.

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