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Elena Lyubarskaya

Country: Russia, Germany

Elena Lyubarskaya is a screenwriter and script consultant based in Berlin. Before starting her writing career, she worked as a development producer for Television. In 2016, she graduated from Serial Eyes - a premium postgraduate training program for TV screenwriters and producers focused on serialized storytelling. The series based on her original TV series concept Pauline is currently in pre-production with Disney Plus Germany (produced by BTF, production: April, 2023). She is currently working as a head writer for The City of Night (Disney Plus Germany/ Amusement Park). Earlier, Elena has been a recipient of the CNC France co-writing grant for her project Die Stadt (co-written with Pierre Puget), the VDD/Pro / Development competition, the Cannes Series Institute Residency development competition (Cannes series/Vivendi group). Since 2020 Elena has also started working as a script consultant/coach on various projects in Germany and beyond.

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