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Julia Schafdecker

Country: Germany

Dr. Julia Schafdecker, attorney at the German law firm SKW Schwarz, advises national and international businesses, online platforms, and film production companies in Media & Entertainment as well as Digital Business.

In the Media & Entertainment sector, Dr. Schafdecker focuses on accompanying and advising film and TV productions, in particular on issues of copyright law, personality rights, and licensing as well as contract law. In doing so, she offers comprehensive legal support both with regard to content and structuring of film productions. Dr. Schafdecker has special expertise in music law, including multinational rights management by collecting societies.

 In the field of Digital Business, Dr. Schafdecker advises and assists national and international companies in the Media and Digital Health sector in developing and implementing their business ideas with a focus on new digital strategies and the use of technologies like NFT and AI. In this context she advises companies on implementing ideas aligned with digital regulations. 

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