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God Break Down the Door

Original title: Bože, rozraz dveře
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2023

Bob (18) is an obese boy of a simple nature who comes from a strongly religious family and lives within the confines of a safe routine of his Christian goodness. As a reward, yet against his will, his pedant parents send him to a church-based spa for the physically disabled, to fight his obesity. There, he falls in love with an older employee Káťa (22), the daughter of a family acquaintance, and becomes close to Vítek (17), a nihilistic peer with an incurable muscle disease, with whom he shares the room. After Káťa rejects Bob, he succumbs to Vítek’s anti-Christian mentality and his long accumulated negativity comes to light. It results in an act of revenge. Unfortunately for Káťa the consequences are more serious than expected. Torn by the loss of faith and values, Bob is driven to another irreversible act through which he tests everything he has ever known.

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