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God Break Down the Door

Original title: Bože, rozraz dveře
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2023

Bob (18) is an overweight boy of a simple nature who comes from a strongly religious family and lives within the safe routine of Christian values. As a reward, yet against his will, his parents send him to a religious medical resort for the physically disabled to fight his obesity. There he falls in love with Káťa (22), an intern, and becomes close to Vítek (17), an incurably ill nihilist walking with a stick, with whom he shares the room.

During the stay, both relationships intensify, but as Káťa rejects Bob, he succumbs to Vítek’s mentality. Eventually, his deep-rooted negativity comes to light and leads to an ill-considered poisoning of Káťa who ends up in a coma. Torn by the loss of faith when the prayers for her recovery are not answered, Bob is manipulated by Vítek into another irreversible act – to help him end his suffering.

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