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The Boy Who Saw In The Dark

Original title: Puika, kurš rezēja tumsā
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2023

The Boy Who Saw in the Dark is a story about thirteen-year-old boy Jekabs, who is born into a family of blind parents. Like any other teenager at this age, Jekabs wants to become independent, show everyone that he's the coolest guy in town, but... it's immeasurably more complicated to do and even tragicomic in a way, when you know – you and your family are different from others. When you know – you’re not only a child to you parents, but you're also their eyes. The story begins when, while in a psychotherapist's office, Jekabs must weigh in on the extent to which he is guilty of his mum constantly feeling unwell so then he can answer to himself - he lives his life or that of his parents.

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