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whatever, lol

Original title: whatever, lol
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2023

It’s all about coming-of-(r)age. whatever, lol follows two hectic days of three teenage girls* full of enthusiasm and rage. Too different, or not different enough, Johnny, Romi and Alex try to enjoy and endure everything - high school, punk concerts, arrogant boybands, school uniforms, small towns, small minds, (queer) crushes and the patriarchy. Johnny loudly rebels against the rules while trying to keep all her boys in check, whereas her best friend Romi, the only mixed-race girl in school, wishes to stay invisible and figure out her new crush, who is not a boy, Alex. That’s the quiet musician kid with buzzed hair who can't wait to get out of their sleepy town really soon. Johnny is fighting until she realizes that in order to truly win she needs to let her anger out and stop playing it cool. And not punch back alone. Everything can happen in a few days - even a small revolution.

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