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Soft Hours

Original title: Puha órák
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2023

The middle-aged Ilona’s weekdays revolve around the vain hope for the return of her son, Tóbiás who has disappeared for almost ten years. When her ex-husband, Dénes, becomes a parent again with his new partner, Ilona develops an uncontrollable desire to find her son. As the delivery of Dénes' child is getting closer, Ilona detaches more and more from reality, until she eventually discovers Tóbiás in Leon, a local worker at a traveling funfair that recently moved into the neighborhood. Leon, by giving Ilona the false hope that he might be Tóbiás gives Ilona the mother-son intimacy that often crosses the boundaries of taboos and tends towards romantic attachment. Saying goodbye to Tóbiás by reenacting the events with Leon that happened ten years ago, both of them can close a period in their life built on daily uncertainty.

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