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Soft Hours

Original title: Puha órák
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2023

Ilona, in her late fifties, is a music teacher in a suburban primary school in Budapest. Her son, Tóbiás, who went missing ten years ago, links her unbreakably to her ex-husband, Dénes. When Dénes becomes a father again with his new family, Ilona's desire to find Tóbiás is rekindled. She sees her missing son in Leon, a local worker at a traveling funfair that recently moved into the neighborhood. The two of them develop intimate proximity that crosses the boundaries of mother-son connection and turns increasingly suffocating, making Ilona realize the need to let Tóbiás go. By cutting ties with Leon, Ilona can bid farewell to the hope of finding Tóbiás and becomes able to open a new chapter in her relationship with Dénes as well.

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