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The Portuguese House

Original title: La quinta de los almendros blancos
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2023

One morning, FERNANDO wakes to find his wife has vanished. When he learns she has left Spain to return to Serbia, his world falls apart and he leaves home. While travelling, he meets a gardener on his way to work at a quinta in Portugal. The gardener dies unexpectedly and Fernando decides to assume his identity, presenting himself at the quinta as the new gardener. The owner, AMÁLIA, is a mysterious woman, who intrigues Fernando.

Years pass. Fernando seems to have found a home, and the rapport he feels with Amália deepens. But he discovers that someone is living in his apartment in Spain and decides to go back. He meets OLGA, a Serbian woman who has taken on his wife’s identity. They soon enter into a relationship, without revealing who they really are. Fernando must decide if he wants to live in this reflection of the life he lost.

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