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The Portuguese House

Original title: La quinta de los almendros blancos
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2023

One morning FERNANDO (40) wakes up and his wife MILENA (38) has disappeared. When he discovers she has left Spain and gone home to Serbia he has an emotional shock. He can’t go on with his life, takes a bus anywhere and he ends up in Portugal. There, he impersonates the identity of a gardener that works on the Quinta of AMÁLIA (55), a Portuguese lady. Amália and Fernando are both intrigued by the other and they end up establishing a genuine friendship.

Ten years later, Fernando discovers that he is recorded as dead in Spain. But there is more: someone is claiming a widow's pension. Fernando returns and discovers that OLGA (40), a Serbian woman who is not his wife, is living in his house. They meet without revealing their identities, until they confess who they really are. Then, both must decide whether to return to their old lives, or continue with their new identities.

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