MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2025


A professional script- and project-development program for creative teams and aspiring script consultants who believe in the importance of teamwork.


An exquisite experience

The program targets creative teams with feature films in development & aspiring script consultants coming primarily from Central and Eastern Europe.

As the first film & series development platform in Europe, MIDPOINT Institute introduces within the Feature Launch program a multi-stage project selection process in order to be able to support more emerging talents.

From the applications, we will select approx. 20 projects, of which their creative teams will receive a detailed online assessment from two experienced professionals (script consultant and producer).

Based on this assessment, 9 projects will be selected for the Feature Launch 2025 program.

For teams of writers, 1st or 2nd time directors and producers

  • move your feature film project to the next level
  • create a financing, marketing, sales, distribution or pitching strategy for your project
  • work with some of the most established European and international creators and professionals who are willing to lay the cards out on the table (good or bad)
  • get unique professional international feedback from our tutors and your peers
  • explore the current film industry landscape and trends
  • pitch it & network at Karlovy Vary IFF

For script-consultant trainees

  • get unique experience, possibility to work on real projects
  • take advantage of safe environment & thorough guidance of an experienced mentor
  • enhance your script editing and communication skills
  • learn to give constructive feedback
  • master your analytic craft of writing script reports for film funds, cultural & other funding organizations
  • learn how to present yourself as a script consultant
  • pitch yourself & network at Karlovy Vary IFF

Fees & Deadline


Who can apply

  • Teams of writers, directors and producers (2-3 members in one team) 
  • Aspiring script consultants
  • The program accepts projects coming mainly from Central and Eastern Europe or with the co-production intention with this region



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Successful films

Selection of our successful alumni


You may ask...

  • Can I apply with an animation or documentary film project?

    Sadly, Feature Launch does not work with animation or documentary projects, as these require a different set of skills and addresses a different market.

  • Can I apply without a writer OR director OR producer in the team?

    You can't. All these creative roles have to be present in your team. One person could represent more than one role (writer/director OR director/producer, etc.), or there could be two people representing one role (2x writer OR 2x producer, etc.). In any case, the team must consist of 2-3 people.

  • I'm not European, can I apply?

    Feature Launch is specifically designed for European writers, as we'd like to address the demand for training coming particularly from this territory. The main focus is put on the region of Central and Eastern Europe. However, projects with a strong co-production potential or already attached partners/team members from this region can be accepted as well. In case you are still not sure about your eligibility, please contact the program coordinator Sona Morgenthalova.

  • I'm not fluent in English, can I still apply?

    Sadly, no. As the entire training runs in English, and during the working days you'll be asked to write directly in English, we require an intermediate level of these language skills. This simply means: your grammar doesn't have to be perfect, but you need to talk/write fluently and have the vocabulary to do so.

  • Once selected, how much time should I allocate to the training?

    Quite honestly – a lot. Feature Launch is an intensive training, and apart from the assignments and work done during all residential and online workshops, it operates with a system of tasks and deadlines in between these modules. So clear that calendar up a bit.

  • Do I need to attend all the workshops in the program?

    Yes, to fully engage in the training, it is essential for all team members to be present at every module of the program. It is not possible to selectively choose which workshops to attend, nor can someone else be nominated to take your or your teammate's place without the permission of the program´s selection board. 

    If you are aware, at the time of application, that you will not be able to participate in all the modules as described in the program structure above, please reconsider your application or seek a dedicated teammate who can commit to completing the entire training. 

  • Does MIDPOINT Institute offer scholarships?

    It does. However, these are only partial, cannot be allocated to all participants, and their granting therefore considers various criteria. We HIGHLY recommend applying to a local supporting organization (national or local funds, ministries of culture or education, professional associations, etc.) at the same time you're applying to MIDPOINT Feature Launch. You can always withdraw your application if not selected, but as the processing time of this support can be rather long, it might be quite late to do this once we confirm you're in.

  • Can I send you the application materials via e-mail?

    We only accept applications submitted through our Visitor Page. Firstly, that way you can be sure your e-mail doesn't end up in junk, and secondly, all submitted materials are distributed to the selection committee via the Visitor Page (please see the 'Application' section).


Did we forget something? Don't hesitate to ask

Sona Morgenthalova
Program Coordinator


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