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Lina Luzyte

Profession: Writer
Country: Lithuania

In 2011 Lina Luzyte (b. Vilnius, 1985) graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre with an MA in Film Directing.

In her 2nd feature The Castle she tells a story of a 13-year-old Lithuanian girl and her family soon after they’ve immigrated to Ireland alongside many other Easter Europeans.

Lina’s 1st feature Together For Ever, in which she posits the family as the primary social unit to thematize communication gridlock as a diagnosis of today’s society, has premiered in Karlovy Vary FF in 2016.

Since 2011 up until now Lina is part of a doc project ‘199 Little Heroes’ (Germany) portraying children all around the world on their challenging ways to school.

In 2010 Lina shot Igrushki, a doc about the locals of a provincial town in Belarus, who survive merely by selling soft toys to the passengers of passing trains, whilst constantly being chased by the militia.

Her short film It Would Be Splendid, Yet (2009) was selected for over 15 festivals and has won several awards.

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