MIDPOINT Editing Room 2021

With the support of
MKCR Czech Film Fund


From Rough Cut to Exceptional Film 


MIDPOINT Editing Room program will be organized as a two-stage service.  

In the first phase (ER1), all the enrolled projects will be accepted and receive comprehensive feedback online consultation. Selection of those projects will be invited for the second phase (ER2), which will consist of two 5-day workshops and online consultations.  

Phase 1:
Editing Room 1 - CALL NOW OPEN! 
November 2021

Our pool of tutors, led by director, editor and script consultant Ivo Trajkov (Head of Editing Department at FAMU, Prague) will examine the rough cut of your fiction feature film and then analyze it together with you within an intensive 3-hour long online consultation.
This online session will cover your questions and concerns regarding the submitted materials and offer an effective plan for your next steps to help you make the film you want to make.


Phase 2:
MIDPOINT Editing Room 2

Selected projects participating in Editing Room 1 will be given the chance and opportunity to participate in Editing Room 2 program, which will be organized in early 2022. 

This program will consist of one 5-day residential session in Prague with tutor Ivo Trajkov and will focus more on the additional dramaturgy consultations and supervision over the editing process as well.
The team will have at its disposal a modern editing room in the premises of the newly renovated Studio FAMU.

The second session will be tailor-made to the current needs of the project; the base offer is another 5 working days of consultations (online or onsite, in the time-frame suitable for the participants).
Two online consultations in between the workshops or after the end of the whole program are also part of the package.



MIDPOINT Editing Room 1
November 22 - 26, 2021 




MIDPOINT Editing Room 1 / online 2021



Who is it for?

/ teams of directors and editors 


November 17, 2021


Fee: 200 EUR


Contact person

Kristýna Plhoňová
Program coordinator