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Yuri Reznichenko

Profession: EditorEditor
Profession: Editor
Country: Ukraine

Yuri Reznichenko is a well known Ukrainian film editor experienced in movies, music videos and commercials over the last 15 years. Yuri edited more than 700 jobs for clients such as Bosch, Coca-Cola, Credit Agricole, Hasselblad, Heinz, Honda, Kyivstar, Lionsgate, MasterCard, Mattel, McDonald's, Michelin, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Nescafe, Netflix, Pepsi, Puma, Raiffeisen, Sony Music, Tuborg, Visa, Vodafone as well as many others. Some of these were awarded a London Independent Film Festival, Edinburgh Independent Film Awards, Berlin Music Video Awards, Kyiv International Advertising Festival and others. Yuri combines his empathetic method of editing with advanced technical skills.

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