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The Face of Honour

During the WWII, boy is chased by a Muslim paramilitary fascist unit, which had just killed his parents and burned down his house. Running for his life, a boy finds a temporary hiding place in a stranger’s house. House gets surrounded by the paramilitary; they demand that the boy be brought out to them to be hanged. The stranger turns out to be the legendary Albanian hero from WWI – NUR DOKA, a man whose heroism and ethics has been the stuff of legends for decades. If Nur refuses, the army will kill his family, to set an example. Soon, Nur will have to choose between the child, his honor and the lives of his family. Before the final decision, Nur goes to army commander to ask him to spare the boy, and asks the village judge to help him according to common law. Finally, Nur realizes that no other authority can help him - everything is on him.
In the meantime, Nur’s son Mehmed, makes a decision between the collective interest of his family and his own interests, and takes action.

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