MIDPOINT Editing Room 2021

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From a rough cut to an exceptional film


A post-production program tailored to the needs of your project

Through dramaturgy consultations and editing supervision, this program will address the challenges and concerns in your rough cut and offer an effective plan for moving forward to help you make the film you want to make.

For teams of editors and directors

  • get a second opinion on your material
  • cement your film's structure or explore new possibilities in the material
  • discover the dramaturgy in the editing room
  • profit from supervision of the editing process
  • strengthen teamwork between editor and director


Participating films in post-production

Eternity Package

Bobby is a struggling funeral agent in a small Bulgarian town whose life is collapsing: his wife is leaving him, his corrupt competitor is monopolizing all the corpses in town, and his only client ...
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Chrysanthemum Day

A story of relations between a young medical doctor and her patient – an old “flower-woman”, known as a healer, who mysteriously survives a nuclear explosion having completely lost her memory and ...
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Editing Trainee


Professional editors with unique dramaturgy skills

Ivo Trajkov
Ivo Trajkov is a director, producer and screenwriter. He was born in Skopje, Macedonia and graduated from FAMU in Prague. Upon graduation he decided to stay in Prague and start his career in the ...
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Successful films

Selection of our successful alumni


The MIDPOINT Editing Room program is organized as a two-stage service

  • Editing Room 1 
    November 2021 | online

    Our pool of tutors will examine the rough cut of your feature and then analyze it with you during an intensive 3-hour online consultation.

  • Editing Room 2
    2022 | Prague, Czech Republic / online

    Selected projects from Editing Room 1 will be given the opportunity to participate in Editing Room 2.

    The program cosists of a 5-day residential session in Prague that focuses on additional dramaturgy consultations and supervision of the editing process.

    The second session is tailor-made to the current needs of your project; the basic offer is another 5 working days of consultations (online or onsite) at a time suitable for participants.

    Two online consultations, either in between workshops or at the end of the program, are included.


Editing Room 1

200 EUR

Editing Room 2


Who can apply

  •  teams of editors and directors with a feature film in rough-cut stage

Application requirements

Materials to be sent to

Required materials:

  • CV of the team members (director and editor): max 800 characters each (in PDF)
  • Photo of team members (director and editor)
  • Rough cut with time code (link for download)
  • Shooting script
  • Post-production schedule, including any obligatory deadlines (in PDF)
  • Motivation letter, including anything you'd like us to know about the project, your concerns, hopes, etc.(in PDF, max 2 pages)
  • Optional: rough cut of unused scenes with time codes (link for download)


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