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Eternity Package

Original title: Pari za pogrebenie

Bobby is a struggling funeral agent in a small Bulgarian town whose life is collapsing: his wife is leaving him, his corrupt competitor is monopolizing all the corpses in town, and his only client is Joana – who killed Bobby’s father in a drunken car accident 30 years ago. Bobby’s only way out seems to be to organize dance lessons in a retirement home – with the help of that same Joana who he blames for initiating the events that ruined his life. Now, with her help and these dance lessons, he could entice the elderly residents of the retirement home to sign up for his pre-paid funeral services and in fact save himself from ruin. Bobby embarks on at times absurd, at times heart-breaking journey that will force him to make a final choice: can he learn to love his enemy and choose life over death?

In this humorous drama, our sinking hero is not just learning to forgive, but also that life without mercy is a vicious eternal circle where no one wins.


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