MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2016

MKCR IVF Czech Film Fund


MIDPOINT Feature Launch is a professional script development programme intended for young and emerging film professionals with projects of first and second feature films and professional short film. 

MIDPOINT Feature Launch was created to provide support to writers, producers and directors to enable them to constructively participate in the development process. It also helps to integrate emerging film professionals into the marketplace by facilitating experience in international collaboration and networking opportunities.

Workshops include international teamwork on projects, with each team lead by a professional script doctor, as well as in-depth meetings with guest tutors, and inspiring master classes by renowned filmmakers and other film professionals.  

This additional platform /free of charge and voluntary / was launched thanks to the MIDPOINT´s partnership with EAVE and combine two parallel project development orientated events.

1. MIDPOINT Feature Launch Follow-Up session for PRODUCERS

All MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2016 producers are invited to join the open plenaries of the EAVE Producers Workshop 3, which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic (October 10-17, 2016).

One-two MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2016 producers (from Feature-Lenght Groups) will be selected by the EAVE reprentative to get individual meetings with selected EAVE decision makers and/or EAVE experts.

/ The EAVE Producers Workshop 3 is a unique and significant networking opportunity for producers across Europe: around 50 – 60 decision makers (commissioning editors, national and regional fund representatives, sales agents, etc.) together with the team of high profile EAVE experts join the participants to discuss their projects, companies and careers. /

2. MIDPOINT Feature Launch Follow-Up session for WRITER AND DIRECTORS
A simultaneous program for MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2016 writers and directors will be held in Prague, Czech Republic (October 10 – 17, 2016).

This session will offer individual consultations with the core tutors of MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2016, based on assignments given by the end of MIDPOINT Feature Launch. 

The participation at the session is voluntary and will have its separate application form released after MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2016.
In case of not applying for the MIDPOINT Feature Launch Follow-Up 2016, its alumni will be still provided with online consultations with their core tutors during October – November 2016, according to their availability. 

There will be no FEE charged for this FollowUp Session (nor for writers, nor for producers), the participants of this session will need to cover their travel and accomodation costs by themselves. 
One-two producers invited to the one-to-one consultations will get the accomodation cost covered by MIDPOINT as the part of the EAVE invitation. 



WORKSHOP: August 20 - 26, 2016 


Poněšice, Czech Republic 

Who is it for?

/ teams of writers and/or directors and producers 

/ projects of first and second feature films

/ projects of professional or graduation short films 



June 05, 2016


/ 1st participant / 1000 EUR per participant
/ 2nd and 3rd participant / 800 per participant 

The fee includes accommodation, board and tuition at the workshop. Travel costs are NOT included. 

Contact person

Kristyna Pleskotova
Project Manager