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Stuffed life

Original title: Препариран живот
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2016

The story about the conflict between the traditional and modern world follows the successful adventurist and a failed blogger Evgenij Hope when he finally comes back in his home to write a story about his old father- the best shooter in Macedonia. His father has spent all his life defending his small grain field and chickens by wild birds who attack them. With his old gunshot, he kills falcons and crows and puts them on sticks as scarecrows all over his territory. This is why none of the few remaining neighbors like him. When his son finally comes back home and announces the story of his father on his blog, suddenly a big twist of events on both of their lives occurs.  Evgenij’s blog gets a huge attention all of the sudden, but the  oldman’s peaceful life  becomes a night mare when a group of animal activists show up on his territory with their signs and their tents. The law interferes in the conflict when the old man tries to chase away the activists by shooting with his gun in the air and the local policeman confiscates his one and only weapon.  Evgenij goes at the police station to try to solve the problem he apparently caused and after all night drinking, him and the local policeman come up with a brilliant plan: to use the local authorities ‘money  in order to build a monument celebrating the best shooter  in the area. By having a legal authorization for building the monument on old man’s territory, they will chase away the activists from the territory and they will improve the tourism in Podles.  Their plan takes action the very same day when they show up with a bulldozer in the Oldman’s grain field. The old man does not approve any monument being built in his grain field, so he locks himself inside the house and doesn’t want to see anything that is happening outside any more. Once the activists are chased away and the monument is built, the first tourists come along: a buss full of Chinese people enters the village of Podles and they are getting very interested in buying old man’s dead birds. This becomes a huge issue to the few remaining neighbors, because they are jealous on the old man getting rich. They cause a big fight in the village and they cause an accident with fire that will chase away the tourists. Finally, justice arrives for the old man in the shape of a representative from the European Shooting Confederation and invites the old man on an international competition. Apparently, he read about the old man from  Evgenij’s blog. So the old man leaves his home for the first time in his life, and Evgenij remains at home to take care of his father’s land.

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