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Giovanni Robbiano

Country: Italy
Born in Genova, Italy in 1958 is a screenwriter, director and film trainer. After graduating at the University of Bologna in 1983 he attended, as Fullbright scholarship student, the film department of the School of the Arts at Columbia University in New York, where he was assistant to prof. Emir Kusturica, worked for Marcia Nasatir and Hector Babenco. He graduated in screenwriting in 1992 with the late Lewis Cole as thesis advisor. After returning in Italy he was awarded Solinas prize honors with the script "Figurine, and worked as a screenwriter, with many features written and cowritten for both films and tv. Later he directed: "Figurine" (1997), "500!" (2001) (co directed with Matteo Zingirian and Lorenzo Vignolo and also produced) and "Hermano" (2004), together with other shorts, documentaries and one TV film. He has been working as creative producer on other feature films and at the same time as story editor and script consultant in many film productions throughout all Europe. His most recent work in film is "Tutti i rumori del mare" by Federico Brugia (2012) who gathered many awards, and the TV serie "Task force 45 – Friendly fire", currently in postproduction and due to be released for Mediaset network in the winter 2016. Since the early 90s he is a film teacher and trainer: he has been teaching at private and public institutions as well as at the Universities of Bologna, MIlano IULM and Genova; between 2010 and 2014 he has been teaching film language at the Universitè d´Evry Val d´Essonne, (UEVE) in France. For the Media program of the European Union he worked for MFI (Mediterranean Film Institute) between 2000/2015. He has been teaching at many other programs institutions, workshops and schools throughout Europe and Africa. He has pubblished a sceenwriting manual as well as other books, essays and articles, in Italy and elsewhere. Since 2015, Head of Famu International, Prague.
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