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Original title: Pinkler
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2016

Pinkler is a girl, who is rather an adolescent than a 13 year old child. Opposite to her name she doesn't see the world in pink at all. She was made adult by her parents when they left her to state custody as a little child. Though she is still a child in her heart. She is believing, hoping until the end. Hoping that she will be loved and wanted and cared for.

Her life is an escape. Escape from and to the “love” she experiences and would like to receive. She is an artiste, who can climb on, through, over anything/everything. There is no obstacle for her. She is here the whole time, but it feels like, she has never been. She is vulnerable. Vulnerable to boys, who should be friends. Vulnerable to men who should be teachers. Vulnerable to family who should be family. This is a story about why's and how's. About the beginning and the end. About an end, yes, because you have to earn to be an artiste...

The story is black and white. No. It's rather grey, really grey.

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