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Cristina Ceausu

Profession: Producer
Country: Romania

Cristina started experiencing theatrical production in 2013, when she started an actor’s working group, with several theater performances. As a result, the group has managed to attend national theater festivals in Romania (Iasi, Slatina, Targu Mures, Bucuresti), and to perform in theaters and in unconventional spaces. She continued her work, finding pasionate actors and founding a troupe for live children’s performances. Besides the shows from original screenplays, the troupe has developed acting and creativity workshops for children.

Towards the ending of 2014, she jumped in the film industry, working for the production company Adenium Film. With her enthusiastic spirit, she worked on several commercials, for international clients, public institutions or agencies, as a Production Coordinator. Cristina is also a Junior Producer for the projects developed by Adenium Film, « Bugan – Nu am respirat aerul degeaba » , a documentary directed by Duco Tellegen, and « Where Is Sophia » written by Bogdan Muresanu and directed by Anton Groves. Both projects have been awarded with production grants from the Romanian National Council For Cinematography.

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