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Cristina Badea

Profession: Producer
Country: Romania
Cristina started her career as a Research Analyst for TV in Bucharest, Romania and over the period of 13 years she moved to different management positions coordinating research, business development and content development activities for one of the largest Eastern European media companies (CME - Central European Media Enterprises), both at local and central level, coordinating the research and development teams in 6 countries. One of the projects that Cristina worked on while in CME was the TV series "Bet with Life" targeted at teens, series that had a huge local and international success. In 2012 Cristina took on a new challenge and started her own production company. Since then she was active in the world of production both in terms of production service, mainly for international clients, and in terms of development and production of original content from Adenium Film, who was part of two coproductions so far. The first, “Flavors Collection”, is a short film by Igor Cobileansky that was selected, among other festivals, to Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2013. The second one, “The Man Who Went Looking for Freedom”, is a documentary by Duco Tellegen that was screened on the BBC World News Service starting with spring 2014. She has been building on the local network of professionals that she has previously worked with and expending the international network by participating in workshops, pitching forums and major industry events (such as EAVE Producers Workshop 2013 with the project “Where is Sophia?”, Power to the Pixel 2013, BDC Discoveries 2014, When East Meets West 2014).
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