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Jack in the Box

Original title: Ölü Sandık
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2016
Zafer (24) is in the process of taking over the management of the company founded by his father Cemal (50) who is a famous business man. His girlfriend Kübra (25) is always trying to keep things balanced in Zafer’s life since she has high economical expectations from him. After the ceremony in which Zafer’s company is awarded with the Best Company of the Year they start off to Zafer’s parent’s house. On the road they hit a homeless man and take him to the house with the orders of Zafer’s father. At home, in order to stay calm and think clearly they decided to have the planned dinner first. While they are having the dinner they forget the wounded man. After a while, they notice this and decide to check the man. They suppose the man is dead. This mistake will reveal all the power relations and hypocrisy among the family members who try to cover this death which will lead a tragicomic end.
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