MIDPOINT Intensive Queer 2024

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Professional script and project development program designed to foster diversity in storytelling and provide crucial support to filmmakers in the realm of queer narratives.



Bianka, a polyamorous trans woman, is navigating life in Berlin after gender reassignment surgery. Her sister Luca, who has been estranged since Bianka missed their mom's funeral in Hungary, arrives ...
MIDPOINT participants: Viktoria Vay Gabriele Simon
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Euro Pop Bubble

Over a spring weekend in Prague, FRED (22), a disenfranchised musician, is caught off guard when he falls for MATTY (23), an upbeat singer. Their blossoming romance challenges Fred's ideas about ...
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Girls in Uniform

In the spring of 1914, the recently orphaned Manuela (15) arrives to an all-girls boarding school for future soldiers’ mothers of the Prussian empire. Bold, but still new to the standards of the ...
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The Face of a Woman

Wedding planner Monika (50) suddenly faces an incurable disease, shattering her seemingly perfect life. Realizing the finite nature of life, her path intertwines with Šimon (25), a cabaret ...
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Inspirational professionals with a passion for sharing their experience

Group Leader

The Group Leaders oversee the development of projects in their group from the very beginning of the program through graduation. They also coach the script-consultant trainee assigned to their group.

Sullivan Le Postec
Sullivan Le Postec poured his years of experience as an activist in Lyon, where he helped organize the Pride march and ...
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Producer Mentor

The Producer Mentor oversees the development of all projects, advises them during the process regarding production and budgetary issues, and guides them through the European industry landscape.

Danijel Hocevar
Film producer and CEO of Vertigo, a Ljubljana (Slovenia)-based production company with a distinctive track record and ...
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Pitching Tutor

The Pitching Tutor prepares participants to present themselves and their projects, in general and for the final pitching session of the program.

Gabriele Brunnenmeyer
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Producer Tutor

Katarina Tomkova ensures each team develops effective promotional materials and positions their project in an international context.

Katarina Tomkova
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Guest Tutors

These established professionals are usually present at at least one of the workshops to share their expertise.

Marija Dimitrova
North Macedonia  
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Pavla Janouskova Kubeckova
Czech Republic  
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A unique experience

Selected feature film projects undergo a two-workshop program that enables them to work closely on the script and project development, and provides them with financing, networking, and co-production opportunities.

MIDPOINT Intensive Queer will now partially run concurrently with the MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2024 program, thereby enhancing networking opportunities and capitalizing on the presence of tutors and experts attending the events.

  • Workshop 1
    March 4-10, 2024  | Brno, Czech Republic

    This workshop focuses primarily on creative development and dramaturgy while also introducing greater knowledge about other aspects of the industry, such as financing and market positioning.

    From me to we: My journey as a queer storyteller
    Sullivan Le Postec
    Wednesday, March 6, 12:00 | Brno, Czech Republic

    I created the series “Les Engagés” as a tribute to my years as an LGBT activist in Lyon – and to explore my conflicted feelings about that exhilarating but exhausting time in my life. It started as a very personal story, going as far as recreating my own coming-out in the first season. But the show was also the first, and for a long time, the only, French LGBT series. Those circumstances pushed me to evolve the series into including more diverse characters and stories, and to reflect on how to do that best.

  • Online consultations
    May 2024 | online
  • Workshop 2
    June 26 – July 3, 2024  | Prague and Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

    This workshop serves as a platform to further advance the scripts, while also incorporating intensive and critical training about how to present and promote projects. This workshop is immediately followed by the project showcase at the Karlovy Vary IFF, where all  selected projects are presented to an audience of industry decision makers, including funders, sales agents, producers and festival programmers. One-on-one meetings and further networking follow the presentations.



Eurimages Co-production Development Award

For the first time, Karlovy Vary IFF will host the Eurimages Co-production Development Award of 20,000 EUR for one of the projects in development presented within their Eastern Promises Industry Days.
MIDPOINT Intensive Queer 2024 projects are also eligible to compete for this award, which will be granted based on the
project´s artistic quality and its prospects of remaining a European co-production.

Detailed description of the award.



Huge motivation boost and way to move your project to the next level


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