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The Face of a Woman

Original title: Tvár ženy
Country: Slovakia

Monika, a 50-year-old wedding planner, faces a life-altering challenge when she discovers she's HIV positive. Her path intertwines with Simon, a 28-year-old aspiring photographer and cabaret bartender. Simon, caring for his grandmother and supported by Daniel, a drag queen, dreams of hosting his own exhibition and studying in New York. Their chance meeting leads to creating a "Never Have I Ever" list, marking the start of their unique mother-son-like relationship and adventures. Together, they navigate personal struggles and pursuit of meaning, with Monika becoming Simon's muse. Encounters with Death in her dreams change Monika's view on life. Simon, inspired by Monika, overcomes his procrastination, finally hosting his exhibition with "The Face of a Woman" as the centerpiece, symbolizing his peace with the past and readiness for New York. Monika's acceptance of her diagnosis and Simon's artistic success illustrate their growth and newfound zest for life.

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