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Ester Viznerova

Profession: Producer
Country: Slovakia

Ester Viznerova, a producer at EMEDI Productions, was born in 1996. A challenge-seeker aware of time’s preciousness, Ester has concurrently built a thriving IT consulting career, currently serving as an AI & Data Manager at Deloitte Advisory CE. Over five years, she has led multinational projects, managing successful delivery with a 30-person team with a philosophy that combines the right team, mindset, and courage to make the impossible possible. This approach has enabled her to consistently deliver complex projects on time and within budget, even amidst tight deadlines and demanding clients. Ester’s educational journey, with a bachelor’s degree from Denmark, a master’s from Sweden, and extensive work experience in Czechia and Germany, has honed her ability to navigate international markets across various industries. Since embarking on her filmmaking journey in 2012, Ester has played a pivotal role in six films. Outside of work, she is a fitness competitor, traveler, and PADI-certified diver.

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