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Sullivan Le Postec

Country: France

Sullivan Le Postec poured his years of experience as an activist in Lyon, where he helped organize the Pride march and worked in HIV prevention, into the creation of Les Engagés. The show, distributed as Woke in English, was the first LGBT series produced by French television. Les Engagés tells the story of Hicham and Thibaut, who run a fictional LGBT+ Center. Two critically acclaimed short-form seasons (10x10mn each) aired on the French public broadcaster's digital series platform, followed by a 3x45mn final season subtitled Xaoc. Les Engagés Xaoc was also Sullivan’s directing debut.


Sullivan also wrote episodes for French series Dernier Recours and Falco. He is currently developing several series and one feature. Many of those projects are dealing with the different realities of queer life, past and present.

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