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Euro Pop Bubble

Original title: Euro Pop Bubble
Country: United Kingdom, Germany, Czechia

After an encounter in a Prague hostel, twenty something Fred's life intertwines with fellow British musician Matty.

When Matty accidentally dies in their Berlin apartment, Fred is left alone. Instead of grieving, he moves on, finding joy in men and music. When he posts his own version of Matty’s song ‘GHOSTS’ online, Fred finds unexpected viral success and is asked to represent the UK at the EURO POP FESTIVAL. He wraps up his life in Berlin and return home to London. The world finds out ‘GHOSTS’ is Matty’s song, but Fred still gets to compete. Whilst preparing for his first live show, Fred grows frustrated at the constant belittling of his talent in comparison to Matty’s. When the UK team reveal their plans to have Fred perform the song as a duet with a hologram of Matty, the young man finally cracks. Fred gives into the grief he has been avoiding and lets the emotions flow.

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