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Original title: Berlin-Budapest
Country: Germany

Bianka, a confident transgender middle-aged woman and Lucy, a wanna-be filmmaker from Budapest, have very distinct perspectives on life. Lucy has just started her career in film production, and she is confident that she will make it in the industry. Lucy has a materialistic and careerist take on her life and wants to “become somebody” whatever it takes; she follows trends and believes in capitalism wholeheartedly. On the other hand, Bianka is polyamorous, open-minded, and has a calm, settled life. At least, that is what she believes until Lucy shows up, bringing ghosts from the past which Bianka must now face. 

Lucy visits Bianka to help out for a few days after her gender reassignment surgery, but she is forced to stay longer, raising the question of whether or not they can get along while cohabitating. Meanwhile, there is a topic that both of them are trying to avoid: the death of their mother. 

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