MIDPOINT Cold Open 2023


Enter the exciting world of series producing!

Dive into series production with renowned experts and network with guests of the When East Meets West Co-Production Forum.



Inspirational professionals with a passion for sharing their experience

To ensure the most sophisticated approaches to training, Cold Open works with established and respected professionals from the European industry.

Steve Matthews
United Kingdom  
Steve Matthews is Banijay’s Content Partnerships Executive, where he acts as a key facilitator in the group’s production development process, supporting in driving co-production opportunities across ...
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Danna Stern
Germany / Israel  
Executive Producer, Global Content Executive Tel Aviv-born, Berlin-based, Danna is a seasoned content executive working across borders, genres, and formats. She is the founder and managing director ...
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Guest Tutor

Nebojsa Taraba
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This diverse one-off event is embedded within the diverse industry program of When East Meets West.

Participants are offered a variety of lectures, group sessions and individual consultations.

  • Workshop
    January 22-25, 2023 | Trieste, Italy

    MIDPOINT Cold Open is designed to build skills among independent producers interested in moving from feature films to fiction series content.

    Offering practical knowledge connected to the developing, producing and financing of drama series content in Europe, the program will familiarize its participants with the overall landscape and priorities of the industry, compare narrative and concept structures between features and scripted series, and provide hands-on skills in the financing and distribution of scripted series content.

    The program targets independent producers who have a background in feature-film production and aspire to move into high-end series content. The program’s graduates will acquire knowledge and skills in producing and financing series, and will become acquainted with the European series landscape.

    The program is participant-based, so only one producer per company will be accepted.

    The program is conducted in English.

    The State of Global Scripted Production
    Danna Stern
    Sunday, January 22, 18:00-19:30 CET | Trieste, Italy

    In this overview, we will explore the current opportunities and challenges facing local language scripted series - as the production landscape, fuelled by global streamers, is in constant flux; affecting genres, budgets, deal-making, and creative decisions.

    We will also, hopefully, provide you with some practical tips and tools, as well as work through key terms and detail the stages and partners necessary for successfully integrating into the international TV production community.




You may ask...

  • How many participants does the Cold Open program expect to select?

    Approx. 6 - 8.

  • What background should the applicants have?

    The program is targeted toward feature-film producers who aspire to move into scripted series.

  • What should I include in my motivation letter?

    It will be closely described within the actual application form, but since you're asking: you should explain your professional background, reasons for applying to Cold Open, your company's plans regarding moving into series production and references of the kinds of shows you'd be interested in making.

  • What is meant by ''series pitch''?

    The series pitch is simply an overview of your idea, and should include a general description of the premise, the setting, the main storylines and the narrative style. Usually about 1 - 5 pages, a first glance of the project.

  • Is the series pitch required?

    Not at all. If you don't yet have a particular project in mind, let us know, in your motivation letter, which kinds of projects interest you most.

  • Can I get a scholarship for Cold Open?

    Unfortunately not. However, we encourage you to contact your national or regional film funds, associations or ministries of culture, who may support participation in programs such as this or at least partially support training activities, even if they don't support television development in general.

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