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Silvie Michajlova

Profession: Producer
Country: Czech Republic

Silvie Michajlova (producer) graduated from JAMU in music production. After many years of experience in international movie productions and commercials Silvie joined FILM KOLEKTIV and since then she has produced THE LAST ARISTOCRAT (Poslední aristokratka, dir. J. Vejdělek, 2019), THE DOOM OF DEJVICE THEATRE (Zkáza Dejvického divadla, TV series for Czech Television, 2019, dir. M. Krobot), TWO SHIPS (Marťanské lode, dir. J. Foukal, 2021), BIG OPENING (Velká premiéra, dir. Miroslav Krobot, 2022) or HOMIES (Sami doma, dir. Jan Foukal, 2022, feature documentary). Silvie’s production experiences also include service producing credits for THE LETTER FOR THE KING (TV series for Netflix, 2019) or coproducing the Norwegian bioepic AMUNDSEN (2019, dir. E. Sandberg).

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