9th edition of MIDPOINT Intensive SK is announcing the project selection!

May 04, 2020

Rescheduled module for Slovak filmmakers, this time organized in collaboration with CHARACTER – Film Development Association and the Slovak Film Institute, is going online and will take place May 18 - 21, 2020. 

4 Slovak projects were selected to be part of this online workshop:

Cult / Kult
Petra Straciakova, writer
Marek Kacer, director / producer
CineVision, PrimeTime PRODUCTION

Petra Brstiakova, writer
Simona Mocikova, producer
Bright Sight Pictures

Love in the Capital of Nowhere / Rado a Dora
Barbora Bereznakova, writer / director
Eva Pavlovicova, producer
LEON Production, Známa firma

The Castle / Zamok
Diana Starinska Kacarova, writer
Tibor Buza, producer

Apart from those, 2 projects from the last edition were accepted to have follow-up consultations focused on the progress of their scripts:

The Spacehead / Hlavička
Juraj Rayman, writer
Marina Andree Skop, producer / co-director
Vanda Raymanova, producer / co-director
Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia
objectif, Studio Dim, Senca Studio

Crunk / Rauš
Igor Vodraska, writer / director
Lukas Teren, producer

Ivo Trajkov, an acclaimed scriptwriter, director, script consultant and editor will take up the role of the tutor. The core focus of the workshop will be set on both the development of the script and the creative collaboration within the teams. 

More info about the program here.

This program is supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.


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