MIDPOINT Shorts 2018


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Dates and Venues

Workshop 1
January 20 – 26, 2018
Trieste, Italy  (within Trieste FF)

Workshop 2
April 27  - May 3, 2018
TBA, Serbia 


For Alma

Catherine, a choir singer in deep crisis, is going to a meeting at the State Administration. She has recently divorced Jakob and the state is mediating their parental custody dispute over their ...
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Short Film With a Sheep

Nena recently started working as a school assistant to seven-year old Dejan who has learning disabilities. It’s Nena’s first grown-up job, and Dejan is a tough cookie so every day is a new challenge ...
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The Gravel

The Gravel is a lovely story of the fairytale-like meeting of two lonely people. János Gőz is a 47 old widow, washing machine repairman who lives his everyday life alone in his small flat. He has ...
MIDPOINT participants: Tamas BenkoZsanett Kertesz
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Aylin (34) is a Turkish woman living in Paris illegally since she couldn’t renew her resident permit for the past 2 years. She has not been able to travel back to Turkey and see her family as well ...
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Head of Studies

Danijel Hocevar
Film producer and CEO of Vertigo, a Ljubljana (Slovenia)-based production company with distinctive track record and extensive working experience on international co-productions and narrow budget ...
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Group Leader

Pavel Marek
Pavel Marek is a graduate of the Faculty of Computer Engineering, Technical University and the Directing Department at ...
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Guest Tutors

Stefan Arsenijevic
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Gabriele Brunnenmeyer
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Alessandro Gropplero
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Christina Liapi
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Marcin Luczaj
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Olimpia Pont Chafer
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Oceane Portal
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Manfred Schmidt
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Inke Van Loocke
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Wim Vanacker
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