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The Gravel

Original title: Ej, mi a kő
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2018

The Gravel is a lovely story of the fairytale-like meeting of two lonely people. János Gőz is a 47 old widow, washing machine repairman who lives his everyday life alone in his small flat. He has his daily routine: washing, watching fishing show than work. Toupees, toys, flood, fixing. He is surrounded by life all day. Familiar faces crossing his path: a fussy janitor, who still lives with her mom, a lady in the neighborhood who ties to seduce him, a single mom with her children. János stays out from everything in purpose, he doesn’t believe in fairytales and happiness anymore. Anni Pecze is 40 years old, she is a small, skinny pawnshop valuer. She always on a diet. She collects travel guidebooks, her hobby is making puzzle. She noticed that she will never have children. She wants to travel, but there is nobody to travel with. She sits in her birdcage-like small cabin at the pawnshop and feels sorry for the people in trouble.

They are meant to be for each other, just don't know yet.

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