MIDPOINT Intensive Iceland 2016


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Dates and venue

February 26 - 28, 2016 
Reykjavík, Iceland



RÓIN is a young pious monk who has sailed from Ireland across the ocean to an uninhabited island at the end of the world. With three other monks he has made this hard journey and will be rewarded ...
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On the day of her graduation Arna is still grieving for her mother, the only parent she ever knew. Her mother passed away without ever speaking of Arna‘s father and the only thing Arna knows is that ...
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That Day

Bára and Heimir are a couple in their thirties. Heimir works in a bank as a credit expert. Bára oversees the management and design in a little startup company that she owns together with Heimir and ...
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The Raven

Naaja is a young Inuit girl. She lives alone with her father who abuses her. He and the other villagers don´t see eye to eye, so he decides to leave with his young daughter and head out into the ...
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Group Leaders

Pavel Jech
Czech Republic  
Pavel Jech is a graduate of Columbia University as well as of FAMU, where he has served as dean since 2008. Pavel has broad teaching experience in scriptwriting and dramaturgy, both in the Czech ...
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Jan Maxa
Czech Republic  
Jan’s mission in life is to make creativity and business work together. He has a track record in managing creative resources and creating organizations and processes which deliver the best value ...
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Funders and Partners