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Original title: 800

RÓIN is a young pious monk who has sailed from Ireland across the ocean to an uninhabited island at the end of the world. With three other monks he has made this hard journey and will be rewarded with eternal life. There is animosity between Róin and DUNCAN, a monk his age and FINNIAN is Duncan's buddy. Old KILLIAN tries to keep the peace between. When Róin sees the young monks making love he is shocked as

In the summer of 800 AD a group of VIKINGS arrives on the Island looking for a treasure that is hidden in a monastery in the highlands. Duncan and Finnian manage to escape, while Róin is captured and Killian is murdered when he won’t reveal the location of the monastery. To save his life Róin agrees to lead the Vikings there.

On the journey across the highlands Róin gets to know NANNA, the Daughter of the Viking chieftain who serves as an interpreter. Nanna is the first woman Róin has contact with and despite difference in culture and religion they connect.

Róin manages to run away but the Vikings track him down and intend to kill him but Nanna saves his life. When they reach the monastery Duncan and Finnian are there and the monks condemn Roin for leading the barbarians to them.

The monks poison and kill all the Vikings but Róin helps Nanna escape. She heads back to shore to the ship but the monks beat her to it and burn the ship. Duncan is now leader of the monks and when he finds out that Róin has helped the heathen escape he puts him under arrest.

Nanna frees Róin and together they flee and hide in a cave. Róin plans to save Nanna by putting her on the boat the monks came on to he Island.

At the last moment the monks capture them and are going to kill Nanna. But Róin manages to save her from the monks and she sails away.

Róin now has to choose between love and eternal life.

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